West Midlands Area League

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Longbridge lead Div 1. SB become Division 2 champions.

6 May. In the final round Isle of Wight spoiled SB’s perfect league run, but were unable to make up the difference to to topple them.

25 Mar. Division 1 results produced no surprises and first results in Division 2 suggest teams are evenly matched.

23 Mar. First week fixtures. In Division 1, newly promoted Warwick University Alumni face league champions Redditch and runners-up Solihull 1 face Worcester 1. In Division 2, last season's runners-up, South Birmigham, play last season's third placed Stourbridge.

23 Mar. Existing time controls retained for new season. After a proposal to alter time controls was was sent out for consultation, most captains advised the organisers their players were happy with the existing format: 2 games using 15 minutes plus increment of 10 seconds. Organisers have agreed normal match starts to be at 8pm.

23 Mar. Sutton Coldfield and Lichfield leave league. Entries for the new league season leave Division 1 with six teams: Hereford, Longbridge 1, Redditch, Solihull 1, Warwick University Alumni, promoted from Div 2, and Worcester 1. The Second Division has eight teams: Isle of Wight, Kidderminster, Longbridge 2, Mutual Circle, Solihull 2, South Birmingham, Stourbridge 2, and Worcester 2.

Redditch Autumn League Champions and Warwick University Alumni top Div 2 in Autumn 2020 season

11 Feb. In the final Division 2 round of the Autumn season, the Alumni had convincing win against Worcester and Stourbridge stumble against Mutual. South Birmingham finish as runners-up beating Sutton. Longbridge beat Solihull and Lichfield drew with the Isle of Wight.

4 Feb. Redditch made sure of being Autumn League Champions with a convincing win over Worcester 1. There remains one further round and an unplayed fixture.

6 Jan. At the start of the New Year, Worcester 1 led the pack in Division 1 and Mutual circle led Division 2.

19 Nov. chess.com server outage cancels round 2. Just as play was getting interesting in round 2 games, chess.com crashed. It is being suggested that any completed games should be rated and all round 2 matches should be re-sheduled for another date after the end of the current fixtures.
10 Nov Nigel Towers reports. Autumn season welcomes Hereford and Longbridge. The first Division has a new team, Hereford, and members of Greenlands club have changed their club’s name to Longbridge now they have decideed to meet as soon as restrictions allow at Austin Sports and Social Club across the road from their previous venue. It was agreed that teams should play two double matches in Division 1 now there are fewer teams in the division. South Birmingham and Warwick University Alumni were relegated and now play in Division 2. In Division 2, champions Coventry Chess have formed their own local online league and leave WMA on a high note. Division 2 teams are the same except that South Birmingham 1 and Warwick University Alumni were relegated and join from Division 1 and South Birmingham 2 team has dropped out.

Sutton Coldfield 1 are league champions and Coventry Chess Div 2 champs

8 Oct. Sutton Coldfield 1 easily held off a challenge from Solihull 1 to become Summer league champions. In Division 2, Coventry Chess just edged the top spot from Isle of Wight on tie break with an 8-0 win in the final evening. The league's players during the summer season included two grandmasters: Keith Arkell and Bogdan Lalic.

Two new teams for summer season

8 Aug. Lichfield and Kidderminster clubs have joined the league, but Rugby are not participating this season. Division 1 has eight teams and Division 2 ten teams. The default start-time for matches remains at 8pm, but captains can agree different times, providing the secretary has been notified. The season will run from 13 August to 15 October and results will be ECF online rated as previously. Fixtures lists published for Division 1 and Division 2.

Organising committee formed

7 Aug. The league organising committee is: Nigel Towers (Redditch), Rob Sutton (Worcester) and Stephen Woodhouse (Greenlands).

South Birmingham are first league champions, Warwick University Division 2 champions

25 Jun. Worcestershire teams payed second fiddle to clubs from the south Birmingham conurbation. See results for the first season