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Last updated 16 February 2024

Individual competitions continuing from Worcester & District Chess League

On the merger of the district league with the county association prior to the 2022-3 season it was agreed that the competitions for the Bennett Cup and the Ball Cup should continue. The Bennett Cup is an open competition. The Ball Cup is for players rated below 1650. Traditionally games have been played throughout the season by arrangements between players. Recently both competitions have been arranged with two all-pay-all groups in the preliminary stages followed by progression of four semi-finalists into a knock-out stage. Entries for the 2022-3 season were lower than usual, probably because many players were still uncertain about risks from Covid. The controller for these competitions in 2023 is Brian Turner.

Worcestershire individual chess championships

The championship has been decided at a weekend congress in recent years. The last championships were held in August 2023. The county individual champions are

Read and see more about 2023 championships.

See results of congresses linked from the congress web page and winners from 1895 in the archive.

Bennett Cup 2023-4

There were ten entries for this competition. Preliminary group stage results:

Pool A              
Player Club EH LD RC DW SO Totals
Edward Higgs Worcester x ½ ½ w 0 1
Lee Davis Malvern ½ x w 1 ½ 2
Ray Collett Worcester ½ b x 1 1
David Waud Kidderminster b 0 0 x ½ ½
Scott Oxtoby Worcester 1 b 0 ½ x
Pool B              
Player Club JF CL IC AG JV Totals
Joe Friar Kidderminster x 1 0 1 1 3
Chris Lee Worcester 0 x 0 0 w 0
Ian Clarke Malvern 1 1 x 1 ½
Aiden Griffiths Worcester 0 1 0 x 0 1
John Varilone Kidderminster 0 b ½ 1 x

Ball Cup 2023-4

There were seven entries. Preliminary group stage results:

Player Club PH CL CV GS JV EH AG Totals
Peter Hughes Longbridge x w 1 1 ½ 0 1
Chris Lee Worcester b x w b ½ b w ½
Colin Vernon Worcester 0 b x 0 0 w b 0
Giles Stanton Redditch 0 w 1 x 0 b w 1
John Varilone Kidderminster ½ ½ 1 1 x 0 ½
Edward Higgs Worcester 1 w b w 1 x w 2
Aiden Griffiths Worcester 0 b w b ½ b x ½

Peter Kitson winner of 2023 closed Championships

Sat & Sun 26 & 27 Aug. Peter Kitson (Worcester) won the individual Worcestershire Chess Championship competition. The other winners were: Julie Wilson (Stourbridge) Women's champion; Joshua Clarke (King’s School Worcester and Mavern) Junior champion; Darren Whitmore (Shirley & Wythall) Senior (50+) Champion; Lee Davis Veteran champion (65+); and Chris Lee (Worcester) Minor (u1650) champion.

Jim Friar award for services to chess in Worcestershire

This award was generously donated by Jim's family. Rather that it being awarded solely on the basis of performance in a competition, it is warded to a player who has contributed chess in Worcestershire over an extended period of time taking into account organisational contributions as well as playing ability.



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